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How Does a Walk In Bath Work?


Why Choose a Walk In Bath? | Types of Walk In BathHow they Work

What is a Walk In Bath?

A walk-in bath is a bathtub equipped with a watertight door, providing easy access without the need for climbing over the side. Simply step in over a low-level access lip, close the door, fill the bath, enjoy a relaxing soak, and then drain the water before exiting safely. It’s an ideal solution for individuals with limited mobility who still wish to indulge in the pleasure of a warm bath.

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Explore the mechanics behind walk-in baths, a cutting-edge solution that blends safety, comfort, and convenience for individuals facing mobility issues or those in search of a more accessible bathing solution. We delve into the operation, advantages, and essential features of walk-in baths, simplifying your decision-making process in choosing the right option for your home.

Why Choose a Walk In Bath?

With advancing age or decreased mobility due to illness or injury, transitioning into or out of a standard bathtub can become a challenge, posing potential risks. If showering suits your needs and you have a separate shower area, such as a walk-in shower or wet room, that may be the best choice.

However, many still value the serenity and relaxation offered by soaking in a warm bath. In such cases, a walk-in bath or a bathtub with a transfer seat remains a viable and safe option, ensuring continued enjoyment of baths.

Types of Walk in Bath

Before exploring the workings of walk-in baths, it’s beneficial to outline the primary bath types available, catering to various preferences and bathroom layouts. The three main categories of walk-in baths include:

  1. Standard Bath
  2. Deep Soaker
  3. Shower Bath

Numerous customisation options, from spa features to lighting, are available to tailor your bath to your preferences. Initially, your choice will be influenced by your bathroom’s dimensions and desired door & shower functionalities such as adding a shower screen. Our design consultation assists in navigating your options, ensuring a perfect fit for your space.

How They Work

A walk-in bath’s design features a side door for barrier-free entry, eliminating the need to climb over the sides. After entering, the door seals effectively to prevent any water escape. Here’s a detailed guide on its operation:

Entering the Bath

Access the bath via a door that offers low-level access, simplifying entry and exit compared to traditional tubs. Discussing step height during your design consultation is crucial to ensure the selection of an appropriate bath model.

Securing the Door

The door’s seal integrity is paramount to avoid leaks. Contrary to concerns about potential leakage, the walk-in baths we install are backed by a full warranty, reflecting years of reliable manufacturing. The doors, designed for effortless operation, cater to users with conditions such as arthritis, ensuring a leak-proof and secure closure.

Filling the Bath

Temperature concerns are mitigated with thermostatically controlled mixer taps, guaranteeing a bath filled at a safe, comfortable temperature. Water pressure differences in your home may impact filling time, but we assess this beforehand, occasionally suggesting a pump to accelerate the process.

Draining and Exiting

After bathing, the tub must be drained before opening the door to exit. The drainage duration generally aligns with that of traditional baths, depending on the volume of water used.

For enhanced comfort in cooler settings, baths can include a heated seat option. Each unit comes with slip-resistant seating and flooring, in addition to well-placed, stylish grab bars, facilitating a safe and smooth bathing experience.

In Summary

Walk-in baths merge safety, comfort, and autonomy, presenting an excellent choice for individuals with mobility concerns or those seeking a safer, more accessible bathing solution. Fully comprehending their functionality and advantages enables you to make a well-informed decision on whether a walk-in bath is suitable for your home.

We’re dedicated to ensuring your walk-in bath meets your specific requirements and is installed correctly, offering optimal safety and efficiency. Our comprehensive range of bathroom products, including walk-in showers, shower with a seat, and accessibility bathrooms, are designed to cater to every shape and size, ensuring a high-quality showering experience for wheelchair users, those with limited mobility, and anyone in need of a mobility bathroom or disability bathroom. Embrace peace of mind with our full range of high-quality walk-in shower enclosures and level shower trays, designed for easy access and mobility bathing.